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I’m home recuperating from surgery. It all started late in the summer with a wee hours ER visit and a bad diagnosis. Long story short, it wasn’t a kidney stone, it was an ovarian cyst. It was correctly diagnosed by my long time OBGYN, Dr. Lynda Wright in York, ME and I had the surgery done by Dr. John Schorge at Mass General. HUUUUGE shout outs to them. They have restored my faith in the medical practice. Good doctors still do exist. Good medicine is still practiced. But enough about all that.

In the weeks and days leading up to my surgery, I’ve divided my life into 2 sections: Before Surgery (BS) and After Surgery (AS). For example: I need to make sure my son is in a good routine “before surgery”. Or: I will really start to exercise regularly “after surgery”. (Yeah, right.)

Before surgery events:

  • Finish sewing jacket from last year
  • Hang up items I purchased from Brimfield
  • Give the fridge a deep cleaning
  • Take out air conditioners
  • Vacuum car

After surgery events:

  • Join a gym
  • Seriously update my résumé
  • Take all winter coats to the cleaners
  • Start a quilt
  • Get all of Connor’s music off shared iTunes library so hitting shuffle doesn’t unleash torrent of rap filth in between my Whitney Houston and broadway tunes

And so, I set out my days, steadily ticking off the BS list, adding to the AS list, occasionally completing an AS event or scratching off a BS item. But the most important thing I did in all those days was to find joy. It’s a cliche, sure, but it’s true. These types of events are opportunities for clarification. What matters and what really doesn’t. How I want to spend my time or what I really have no interest in anymore. This is a good thing. It is a great exercise, a great visualization exercise.

I took this photo with my iPhone at Brimfield. They were these MASSIVE doors. Like 12 feet and the vendor had like 8 of them that he’s salvaged from Smith. Everyone who walked by them did 2 things: said holy shit and took a picture. I love these doors. I love their possibility. Today, the door says:

Come on in. Find your joy. Feel free to look around. Stay as long as you’d like.

Like I said, I love these doors. I love their possibility.

2 thoughts on “B.S. It’s not what you think it is.

  1. nikkikirsch Post author

    Some days are so precious that they must be pressed into the pages of the heart and when taken out kater, they still hold all the goldenness as if it happened yesterday. That was one of those days.

  2. Yo-Jean

    100% PURE JOY that day at Brimfield…..the absolutely best, happiest, most fun, inspiring, joy filled, awesome, day that I have had in YEARS—not an exaggeration, YEARS! The “door” felt like a “sign” to BIG things..,to…. possibilities…. as you say. Thanks so much for that adventure—for feeding my soul. Yo

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