This was Diana Nyad’s mantra. She was asked by Robin Robert’s on Monday if she used any motivational techniques to help get her through her swim and she said she used the mantra: Find a way. I’ll admit that when I got the breaking news alert on my phone that she had accomplished the swim from Cuba to Florida, I thought to myself: Meh. I was kind of like those people who bitch every year on Marathon Day about how… Read more »


That’s it. Stop working. Let it go. It’s good enough. Now it’s good. Now it’s good. No, seriously, now it’s good. It’s Launch Day Eve. Who else knows it’s Launch Day Eve. Me. Well, maybe my husband, but I doubt it. He has been great about listening to my questions and giving me the thumbs up/thumbs down when I create a new page. But I seriously doubt he remembers that September 3rd, 2013 is Launch Day. But that doesn’t really… Read more »