Sometimes, I see something and I’ve just GOT to try it. It’s like my inner second grader comes screaming out yelling: Lemme try, lemme try, lemme try. And I start waving my hand in the air, using my free hand to prop it up in case it gets tired out.

My incessant need to try my hand at things is why I have to limit my time on Pinterest. It’s why I can’t go on Pinterest before work and if I do, it’s only while I’m waiting for the shower to heat up because I know why overwhelming guilt over wasting water to outweigh my need to search for my next Lemme Try experience. But my need to learn isn’t a bad thing. It’s served me well. It got me to start my blog on blogger and then upgrade it to WordPress. This got me into photography. This go me into a local photography class and there I met some really cool people that would go on to be a part of my circle. Learning WordPress put me in touch with my son’s trainer who wanted to upgrade his blog and website and I got to spend time with some people that I never otherwise would have met. Now he’s bought a camera and is taking all kinds of amazing pictures and making really amazing videos for their blog/ Are you seeing it? It’s like tossing a rock in a still pond, then watching the ripples go and go and go.

I love to make things. And I make things because I can. Because it makes me stupidly happily satisfied to learn the process, do it, screw up, do it again, and then sit back and say: I made that. It’s like when someone sees me knitting a pair of sox and they always ask: Why would you knit a pair of socks when you can buy them for a dollar at the store?

Because I can.Because-I-Can

Many times, I make things and then they either sit or I give them away. Neither of which is a bad thing. But then I keep seeing and hearing and shopping on Etsy. And if you haven’t been to Etsy, you need to. Right after you’re done reading this, of course. Anyway, I’ve been toying with this idea of maybe trying to see if I might put a little mad money in my pocket through my creative adventures. I’ve been standing out on the very end of this particular limb for quite some time now. And then…

I did it. I’ve made 4 mini dolls based on Tone Finnegar’s mini angels and opened The Blackbird Marketplace. These are my love token offerings for Valentine’s Day. Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy.  My plan is to keep on my creative adventures, and when the spirit moves me, I will offer them up as a token to The Muse who once again inspired me into action saying: Why don’t you try it?