That’s it. Stop working. Let it go. It’s good enough.

Now it’s good.

Now it’s good.

No, seriously, now it’s good.

It’s Launch Day Eve. Who else knows it’s Launch Day Eve. Me. Well, maybe my husband, but I doubt it. He has been great about listening to my questions and giving me the thumbs up/thumbs down when I create a new page. But I seriously doubt he remembers that September 3rd, 2013 is Launch Day. But that doesn’t really matter because I know it’s Launch Day Even. My blog isn’t perfect.


My blog isn’t perfect. I didn’t get every picture posted that I wanted done. I didn’t write every post I wanted to write. I haven’t had a chance to play with the e-commerce side of the theme. I don’t have the 500 subscribers in the queue who are waiting with bated breath for the launch of Blackbird Adventures 2.0. It’s just me. (Ok, and my hubby and my mom, God Bless her!) But the most important person on my initial subscriber list is me. And guess what?  I’m launching anyway. Not perfect. And to quote our Vice President:

This is a big f*@&ing deal!

My name is Nikki Kirsch and I’m a Perfectionist. But more important than that, I’m freaking tired!!!! So with the launch of Blackbird Adventures 2.0, I hereby declare the following:

From this day forward:

  • I will not proof a post unless I feel like it
  • I will only do the things that bring me joy, not because “they” say it must be done
  • I will pursue excellence for the sheer pleasure that doing your best brings, but if I feel like cutting corners and slapping shit together, I will

There will be more things added to this manifesto as things develop. Stay tuned.

Imperfectly Yours and Blissfully So,


4 thoughts on “Blackbird 2.0: A Manifesto

  1. Yo-Jean

    Launched and soaring!!! Love, love,love the new improved blog….All the hard work, learning curve and creativity–wings for happiness. I’m with you on this adventure!

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