I saw the devil today. She works at Nordstroms. Specifically in the Ladies Undies department. Eyes forward, I chant to myself. The cases gleam. The enormous cocktail rings twinkle under the spot lighting and wink flirtatiously at me.  “Hello, gorgeous,” they cat growl. Eyes forward. Eyes forward. The doorway is in site. Fifty more steps and I’m free. The Hanky Panky display is immaculate. I can’t help myself. A quick touch of the fabric won’t hurt. The nylon burns my… Read more »

What if I told you that I believed that I had been chosen. Chosen to be special. To live a life so extraordinary. Would you think I was crazy? And why not me. It’s happened before. Ordinary people chosen for extraordinary things. Noah. The Buddha. Oprah. What if I told you, that this call was so strong, so persistent, it haunts me in my dreams. Angels speak to me. Tell me things. Special things. I see amazing places. I fly… Read more »

Remember the game: Mother, May I? One child was selected to be “The Mom”. The other kids lined up at a pretty good distance from her. Mom would pick a player at random and say: “Karen, you may take X steps.” She would respond: “Mother, may I?” and it was up to the Mom to grant the request or not. If the player forgot to ask permission, she must go back to the starting line. The first person to touch… Read more »