Sometimes, I see something and I’ve just GOT to try it. It’s like my inner second grader comes screaming out yelling: Lemme try, lemme try, lemme try. And I start waving my hand in the air, using my free hand to prop it up in case it gets tired out. My incessant need to try my hand at things is why I have to limit my time on Pinterest. It’s why I can’t go on Pinterest before work and if… Read more »

I consider myself a pretty tech-savvy individual and a quick study to boot. But this WordPress is no joke! For hours and hours at a time, I sit in front of my MacBook with 8,000 windows open and books on my lap, trying to figure out how to get the most seemingly simple task accomplished. Of course, I am NOT PATIENT! I want the answers now and I don’t like to fail, and I don’t like not knowing. All not… Read more »

Loss. The great equalizer. This been a summer of gains and losses for me. Some, I saw coming, others, not so much. Class Graduation Photo I took a summer-long certificate program at Salve Regina in Self-Discovery through Expressive Arts. I started out with major enthusiasm, dropped down to almost dropping out, then rallied with a strong finish. I actually called my advisor to quit just before that second weekend. I hadn’t finished all the assignments (HUGE deal for a life-long… Read more »