That’s it. Stop working. Let it go. It’s good enough. Now it’s good. Now it’s good. No, seriously, now it’s good. It’s Launch Day Eve. Who else knows it’s Launch Day Eve. Me. Well, maybe my husband, but I doubt it. He has been great about listening to my questions and giving me the thumbs up/thumbs down when I create a new page. But I seriously doubt he remembers that September 3rd, 2013 is Launch Day. But that doesn’t really… Read more »

So, this morning as I was getting ready for work, the most luscious and lovely snowflakes were falling from the sky. They weren’t so much as falling, as they were waltzing. I just had to try to get a photo. Snapped away from the back deck but I wasn’t convinced I had anything good. So I threw the camera in the car, thinking I might stumble upon a good shot.  Took this photo in the graveyard across the street from… Read more »

I took a little walk around the backyard today, trying to get my Pug boy, Rocky to not let the snow keep him from doing his business. It was so lovely out, I had to run and grab my camera… Then, back inside for laundry and Tuna Noodle Casserole. But it was nice to get out for at least a moment.