I’ve gone on a photo safari for the last two days. Yesterday, I went to the Wrentham Country Store and inspired by the sunshine, I headed over to Stony Brook Wildlife Center. I hadn’t been over there since Connor was in the 1st grade. It was fantastic. So nice to be outside in the warm sun. I took some great shots which I’m working on now, but this was one of my favorites. I was inspired by another woman in… Read more »

I’ll just start by saying that today was a better day than yesterday. Since they were predicting snow today (insert blood curdling scream here), I brought out my serious winter parka from the back of the closet. Found this in the pocket. Felt like a good omen.   Day began with dropping Rocky to the groomers. He LOVES riding shotgun with Mummy. I put the seat heater on for him and we rolled out. Are you kidding me with that… Read more »

I think I’m off on my days of Lent. And since I just burned 20 minutes searching the Google-box for a numbered Lenten calendar I figured it’s not so much about the number but the practice. Spent the entire day giving the house a major cleaning. Pulled out beds, glued stuff back together, organized the yarn. I always find comfort in cleaning. It allows me to feel I have some control over something in the world and Lord knows I… Read more »