Sometimes, I see something and I’ve just GOT to try it. It’s like my inner second grader comes screaming out yelling: Lemme try, lemme try, lemme try. And I start waving my hand in the air, using my free hand to prop it up in case it gets tired out. My incessant need to try my hand at things is why I have to limit my time on Pinterest. It’s why I can’t go on Pinterest before work and if… Read more »

  I created these Thanksgiving Printables for my first newsletter, Out on a Limb. I’m pretty pleased with how they came out. Wouldn’t they be fun to print out and leave around town as you are doing your last minute Thanksgiving errands or on your tables for a little added decoration? Or you could just look at them and smile! I plan on creating more fun printables and sharables, so to join the party, sign up for my newsletter. There’s… Read more »

Well, I’ve finally accepted, after much wailing and gnashing of teeth, that despite my protestations, the holidays are, in fact, coming once again. I used to really love the holidays. Especially Thanksgiving. For as long as I could remember, my maternal family would meet at my grandparents’ house in Harrisburg, PA. It was a messy tableau of a scene with aunts, uncles, sisters, cousins, and significant others as far as the eye could see. In the later years, there were… Read more »