I heard this interview on Fresh Air with Terry Gross yesterday and found it extremely compelling listening. As a matter of fact, I listened to it three times in one day. Terry Gross is brilliant. Just brilliant.   Growing up in Baltimore, the writer faced threats from both the streets and the police. His book, Between the World and Me, is an open letter to his teenage son. Source: Ta-Nehisi Coates On Police Brutality, The Confederate Flag And Forgiveness :… Read more »

Had myself a little adventure today (Day 4). The man and I headed to Shadow Pines Alpaca Farm in Exeter, RI. I only have three words to say: I’m in love. Are you kidding me??!!! Look at that face. How can you not fall in love with these beautiful creatures. I defy you not to love this guy! And since we were right around the corner from Narragansett, we headed over the beach for a quick walk. It was so… Read more »

It’s even hard for me to say I’m a creative person. I spend a LOT of my time, looking, reading, talking, listening, and hanging out with Creative People. And yet, I would describe myself as a creative person aspiring to be a Creative Person, maybe even an artist of some undefined sort. So today as I went through my unread blog inboxes, this one from Heather of The Farm Chicks really made my heart sing. If I just keep doing… Read more »