Forgive me, Blogger for I have sinned. It has been 58 days since my last post.  Here’s what I’ve been up to since last we met: After my final week of teaching, my family headed out of town for a good old-fashioned summer road trip. Connor had two lacrosse tournaments in Pennsylvania, first in Swathmore and then in Gettysburg, so we decided to take the time off to embrace our inner tourists. We went to Philly and did the double-decker… Read more »

Went to the Big Apple today and picked up some beauteous looking cherries and raspberries this afternoon. I took the back roads home and drove by the Mount Saint Mary’s Abbey. I think their wind turbine rocks and I just to see that thing turn. It’s mesmerizing and quite beautiful. Turned the corner and got caught behind a farmer on his tractor coming from the fields. God, I just love this time of the year when all this fresh,  local… Read more »

Things are looking pretty good over here on Chestnut Street. After the ass-kicker of a winter, I never would have thought the yard could have come back as beautifully as it as. I continue to be amazed by the range of Nature’s power; at times a seemingly merciless punisher, and then forgiveness offered in a big. blue sky and a golden sun. Her endless creativity and ability to continuously recreate herself. It’s truly astounding. So off I trotted to the… Read more »