Source: Stan Grossfeld, Boston Globe

Source: Stan Grossfeld, Boston Globe

Playoff baseball is the best drama on television.

These aren’t my words, they are words of my dear friend, Andy. But he’s right. The MLB playoffs do make for great TV drama. Unlike the regular season, which I watch fairly regularly, I love to watch the playoffs, especially when my team, the Boston Red Sox, is in the hunt. I’m what sport talk radio calls a “pink hat”. I am a casual watcher, root for the cutest players, go to a few games a season and will leave early to beat the traffic home if the game is a blowout. I can keep an official score, which I do sometimes, but my favorite part is when we sing Sweet Caroline. I’m a pink hat and I don’t really care because guess what: I LOVE PINK. So the joke’s on them.

Even if you don’t know anything about the current playoff series, just about everyone has either seen or heard about David Ortiz’ eighth inning grand slam to propel the Sox from a 5-1 loss to a 6-5 win. Amazing. The radio call (at 1:43) and the roar of the crowd is one for the ages. The photo taken by Boston Globe Photographer Stan Grossfeld, will become an iconic sports image for sure.

How incredible it must be for thousands of people to stand up and scream when you do your job at your best? That got me thinking: [sc_embed_player fileurl=””]What would it be like to get that same type of response when I do my job?

As awesome as life would be, I don’t imagine that bullpen police officer could tail me around all day. So, from this day forward, I will be the bullpen cop of my little corner of the world. I will roar for my teenage son when he puts his towel in the hamper and cheer raucously for my husband when he takes out the trash. I will thank friends who come through and give an atta-boy to the woman scanning my groceries. And on those days when I’m feeling truly unappreciated and my personal bullpen cop is nowhere to be found, I’ll always have these photos.


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  1. Bev Regoulinsky

    Great post and certainly a “home run”~! It’s only every once in a while we can cheer them on for taking out the trash or picking up the mail, and sometimes even the cheering won’t work!! (I find I watch the games about the same way you do!)

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