Had myself a little adventure today (Day 4). The man and I headed to Shadow Pines Alpaca Farm in Exeter, RI. I only have three words to say: I’m in love. Are you kidding me??!!! Look at that face. How can you not fall in love with these beautiful creatures.
I defy you not to love this guy!

And since we were right around the corner from Narragansett, we headed over the beach for a quick walk. It was so beautiful today. This is probably one of the best shots of us together in a long time. The Man indulged me because his face doesn’t show.

From there, we headed up 1A to Wickford for a delicious lunch of Clam Chowder and sandwiches.
We walked through the downtown and this sign jumped out at me. Since it’s my word of the year, I’ve started snapping photos of interesting open signs. It’s amazing how many “signs” I see when I stay aware enough to see them. (I’ll be posting more of my Open photos later.)
Here some shots I took yesterday (Day 3) at In the Loop. My assignment for this first week of Superhero Photos is to carry my camera everywhere and basically shot everything. So, that’s exactly what I did.

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