This past summer, my mom’s friend’s mother sent me a huge box of fleece from her farm. Feeling ambitious, I thought this would be my first foray into preparing fleece for spinning. Then, I came to my senses, and made this my first foray into sending off fleece to be made into roving for spinning.

Turns out, there are lots of options out there. There are several large and small mills around the country that take in fleece for processing. After doing my research, I settled on the Still River Mill in Eastford, CT (about an hour’s drive from my house).

After consulting with the staff, we decided the huge bag of Jacob wool fleece was the best option for processing. I went with blending it with Alpaca and Bamboo.

Just before the holidays, I got the call that it was ready and I drove out to pick it up this past Saturday. I got a HUGE bag of two blends: an 80/20 Jacob/Alpaca and an 80/20 Jacob/Bamboo. I couldn’t wait to get home to start spinning and had it on the wheel by that afternoon.

I love how it is spinning. The natural color is beautiful and I think the plied yarn will make a gorgeous cabled and bobbled scarf. I can’t wait to how it will take dye.

So much to create, so little time!

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