Sunset-is-my-favorite-color_blogLast week was a particularly up and down kind of week. If I had to graph it, it would look like the cardiograph of a not-well person with some signs of steadiness broken up at irregular intervals by back to back high spikes and deep plunges. At the end of one of more trying days, my Aunt called me on my way home from work.  I took the long way home so I could have more time to talk before I crossing the threshold and donning my Crown of Wifedom.

Even with the late afternoon traffic and steady drizzle, I still was making pretty good time, so I pulled into the shopping plaza lot. I sat in the car, blabbering away about the unfairness of this and the sheer stupidity of that when I noticed that the sky had turned the most beautiful shade of orange. It was the particular shade of a clementine that’s just been washed but still has the sparkle from the dampness of the water on its skin. The clouds had the iridescent glow of just made cotton candy puffs that look not quite real but delightful and inviting just the same. And all this light made me turn around and look behind me. That’s when I saw it. The most amazing fully formed rainbow I’d ever seen in my life. A full arc right over the Bob’s store horizon. [Unedited photos below. Click one for slideshow setting.]

The sheer size of it made me stop mid-sentence. Still talking, I starting taking pictures with my phone. Kicking myself for once again not have my good camera with me at such a moment, I just went with what I had. I took a few regular and panoramic shots. Talking still, I plugged in my earpiece and got out of the car to see it more clearly. Was that a double rainbow?! Then a man in white pickup truck drove past me and yells out the window: “Double rainbow!!”, just like the guy in the famous YouTube video. More and more people were pulling into the lot and taking cell phone photos of the rainbow. It seemed to last forever, but it probably was at its full color height for 2-3 minutes. I texted my Aunt my best photo and headed home.

I wanted to tweet and post the rainbow, so once I got home, I started tweaking the pictures I taken, enhancing the color and cropping out the unwanted stuff. I uploaded them to my Mac so I could really work with the photos so they were worthy. But this got me thinking about the chain of events.

  1. If I hadn’t had a bad day, I would not have called my Aunt
  2. If she didn’t call me back at that time, I wouldn’t have taken the long way home
  3. If I hadn’t taken the long way home, I wouldn’t have seen that rainbow. At Bob’s.

But to share this gift, I wanted to edit out the reality of the moment. I wanted my “good” camera. I wanted my rainbow over an ocean or lake, not Bob’s for pity’s sake. And yet, isn’t that just it. Most magical moments happen in the Bob’s Stores parking lots of our lives. And were never ready for them. And were rarely prepared for them. It’s a matter of Faith to stand witness and be in the moment. You find yourself there thinking,

  • Crap, not now.
  • Where’s my camera?
  • Why isn’t {fill in the blank} here to see this? or
  • Wait, I’m not ready.

But the God of your universe says: Yes, now. Yes, You. Be still. Be here. Yes, now.


So, in the Bob’s parking lot, I was given a reminder. Life is peaks and valleys, but there is a beautiful arc over it all. Just remember to stop to pay attention to what’s going on around you every now and again and you just might see it. Not what you want to see, or they way you want to see things, but things as they are. And you just might catch a glimpse of awe and be inspired to remember who you really are and what’s promised for you.