Sometimes, I see something and I’ve just GOT to try it. It’s like my inner second grader comes screaming out yelling: Lemme try, lemme try, lemme try. And I start waving my hand in the air, using my free hand to prop it up in case it gets tired out. My incessant need to try my hand at things is why I have to limit my time on Pinterest. It’s why I can’t go on Pinterest before work and if… Read more »

It’s even hard for me to say I’m a creative person. I spend a LOT of my time, looking, reading, talking, listening, and hanging out with Creative People. And yet, I would describe myself as a creative person aspiring to be a Creative Person, maybe even an artist of some undefined sort. So today as I went through my unread blog inboxes, this one from Heather of The Farm Chicks really made my heart sing. If I just keep doing… Read more »

It started with a desk. I got tired of working at the kitchen table; setting up and putting away, then setting up and putting everything away again. So last week, I went off in search of a writing desk. And I found one, but it was white and didn’t go with the room. Hi, ho, hi ho, it’s off to Lowe’s I go for a can of red paint and other miscellaneous necessities. (Did I mention how much I LOVE… Read more »