I consider myself a pretty tech-savvy individual and a quick study to boot. But this WordPress is no joke! For hours and hours at a time, I sit in front of my MacBook with 8,000 windows open and books on my lap, trying to figure out how to get the most seemingly simple task accomplished. Of course, I am NOT PATIENT! I want the answers now and I don’t like to fail, and I don’t like not knowing. All not… Read more »

I am so excited! I’ve signed up for an online photography class called “Your Life: Captured through the Lens“. It’s a six-week, self placed, and I can’t wait. I was immediately attracted to it because the description says the teacher will “demystify the buttons and knobs on your camera”. I treated myself to a new camera last summer because I wanted to be one of those cool blog people who takes powerful photos. Instead, it was more of the same… Read more »

Well, since I bought my new camera, I’ve decided that learning Photoshop Elements would be a good idea. Then I learned that there’s this whole Digital Scrapbooking world. I had no idea! After much searching, I found a very reasonably priced tutorial at DesignerDigitals. For $25 I downloaded 7 video lessons with the accompanying PDF documents plus a folder full of digital papers and embellishments. I completed my first lesson this afternoon. What fun!!