Day 9: No Fear Before 50: 365 Days of Fearless Living

We did it!

I am thrilled, over the moon, and totally psyched to announce that, together, the Let It Go crowdfunding campaign sold 16 items (4 sweatshirts, 5 unisex tees, and 7 slim-fit tees) for a total of $226.22. For all the support— encouraging comments, purchases, or sharing the post—THANK YOU, Fearless Community!

This was scary, friends; but worth it. I learned:

  • My community rocks.
  • I have a community. (A lifelong perfectionist, combined with an introverted personality despite all appearances, often stops me from reaching out to and/or claiming a community.)
  • Everybody needs a community. Everybody.
  • I still struggle with “it’s ourmoney.” (This needs a longer look.)

I learned that I am still learning:

  • It’s okay for me to ask for help.
  • There’s no shame in asking for help. I might feelshame; but that doesn’t make it reality.
  • Not having a job—especially when you want a job—sucks.
  • Not having a job doesn’t mean that I suck.
  • I’m still a crafty girl. I really loved designing this shirt. I might do some more!
  • Being a mom never gets easier, it just gets different.

And so, my friends, we’ve begun. Orders are estimated to ship on 10/10/18. I’ll post a pic in mine on a fearless adventure. I hope you’ll do the same. I’m excited to see where our balloons will take us.