I consider myself a pretty tech-savvy individual and a quick study to boot. But this WordPress is no joke! For hours and hours at a time, I sit in front of my MacBook with 8,000 windows open and books on my lap, trying to figure out how to get the most seemingly simple task accomplished. Of course, I am NOT PATIENT! I want the answers now and I don’t like to fail, and I don’t like not knowing. All not helpful attributes when trying to learn a new language. And that’s what WordPress is…a new language.

Oh crap…light-bulb moment.

Learning a new language is hard. Learning a new language takes times. Learning a language means visiting a foreign city and asking a local for directions and using one’s brain, language dictionary, and wild gestures all at the same time. And most of the time, it ends up in a really good story you use over and over again. You break it out a cocktail parties, and with new co-workers and as a Hallmark-like teachable moment with your kid.

I’ve done this. It was worth the drama for the story alone, never mind the actual adventure and memories. So, on what page in which book did I see my answer?